Reroof Your Old House

It is  a good idea to reroof your old house to preserve it for generations to come like this house we recently installed a new metal roof on.

Reroof your old house

This house was built in 1781 and this picture was taken in 1889. I was amazed at how well it had been taken care of. Most of the wood siding on it today is original which means somebody painted it regularly. It probably had 4 maybe 5 new roofs in its life so far, and still in good condition now. 

Here is this same house after we got done with it. 

Reroof your old house


Here is another old house we recently reroofed in Old Town, Maine. This is what it looked like before we started.

Reroof your old house

This is what it looked like after we were done.

New Roof in Oldtown. Reroof your old house.


We used the high quality metal roofing from Crescent Lumber in Old Town, Maine that they make right there with their impressive roll forming machine. They are a great place to get building materials from. Very friendly and helpful staff.

 There is nothing like keeping your house looking like new than by staying up to date with exterior maintenance. So get busy and reroof your old house and preserve it into the next century like this one! Or call us at 207-631-6095 and we will be happy to do it for you at a fair price.


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