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Cost to Install a Roof

As you ride through your neighborhood you have probably noticed the different types of roof lines, slopes and designs. If you live in Maine or the New England states, you usually see more homes with very pitched roofs than flat roofs.

Have you ever asked yourself why Maine and New England homes have pitched roofs and not flat ones?

Roofers, builders and architects choose the roofs for each home based largely on the environment within which it will be built and the culture or historical era that inspired the design. The final choice is always the homeowners’, of course, but the savvy homeowner relies on the builders’ and roofers’ knowledge when making their final decision so their roof will provide proper protection from the elements the way it’s intended without needing difficult maintenance.

Costs to Install a Roof

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Indeed the initial cost to build the roof is always a factor when choosing which type of roof to build, but there are other equally important factors that you must consider because those decisions will be at the root of your repair problems and financial headaches after you move in.

Outward appearance is important because it is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your home and it directly impacts the value of your home; however, if it looks good but doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, is it really worth the money or the problems you will have, such as mold issues, leaks, staining and damage to walls and ceilings?

A poorly chosen roof can lead to permanent and costly home damage that can usually be avoided with a carefully chosen roof and roofer. The average cost to install a roof is $6,364, but will usually be determined by the style, material, and size of the roof.

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