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Questions most often asked about Metal Roofing

Does a metal roof cost more than other roofing materials?
Yes, it costs more, but other roofing materials have shorter life spans than metal and will need to be replaced regularly. If installed properly, a metal roof needing to be replaced is very rare, saving you money while adding value to your residential or commercial structure.

How much protection does a metal roof offer?
Unlike asphalt, wood, tile, cement and fiberglass roofing materials, a metal roof offers superior protection against the elements. For example:

FIRE: A metal roof will not burn or support combustion.
WIND: Experience at recent hurricanes has shown that metal roofs outperformed other roofing products.
WATER: Metal does not absorb water at all, greatly reducing damage to structure. And a metal roof cannot be penetrated by hail.
SNOW: Snow slides easily off a metal roof preventing exessive weight on roof, and in areas such as doorways, metal guards prevent snow from falling onto entranceways.

What about the cost of energy, does it cost more to heat or cool a building with a metal roof?
A metal roof coated with a high quality paint finish, reflects most of the sun’s rays, so it doesn’t retain as much heat as wood, asphalt shingles, tile or cement. This means a metal roof could help keep your attic cooler which means lower cooling costs.

Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?
Metal roofs are not as noisy as you would think because residential roofs are made of wood which absorbs the sound of rain. In fact, according to one study, metal roof’s noise levels are about the same as other materials like asphalt shingles, wood shingles or clay tiles.

Can I walk on my metal roof?
Yes, but since a metal roof requires no maintenance, there should be no reason to do so. Kauffman Roofing advises homeowners to use caution and discuss specific details about walking on your metal roof with us if you feel it necessary to so.

Does my present roof have to be removed before a metal roof is installed?
In most applications over asphalt shingles, metal roofs can be installed directly over the old roof, saving money and eliminating the mess and cost of disposal. An added benefit is that landfill space is spared which helps protect our environment.

How much do metal roofs weigh in comparison to other types of roofing?
Metal roofing is less than one-third the weight of asphalt, one-twentieth the weight of concrete, and adds less than 10% to the weight of the existing roof materials.

Does a metal roof attract lightning?
No. Grounding of exterior metal siding or roofing is not deemed necessary by any major building code organization. Because metal roofing is both an electrical conductor, and noncombustible, the risks associated with its use and behavior during a lightning event make it the most desirable roofing material available. Lightning strikes are more connected to the location of the building and other factors. Metal roofs actually help protect buildings from lightning strikes.

How long will a metal roof last?
A metal roof will not dry out, split, curl, peel or flake like other roofing products. Metal roofing has been successfully used for the last century and it lasts a lot longer than any other roofing material on the market. Consult our Warrantees Section at http://everlastroofing.com/warranties/ for specific details.

How good is the paint finish on my metal roof?
Our metal roofing paint and forming process is superior to other metal roofing brands. See more here at http://everlastroofing.com/product-literature/.

Can solar energy systems work on a metal roof?
Metal Roofing is a great platform for integrating solar electric and solar thermal renewable energy solutions onto and under the roof surface. In addition, a Metal Roof alone, can earn up to 25 U.S. Green Building Council LEED credits because metal roofs have coatings that prevent 75 to 80 percent of the sun’s energy from being absorbed into the roof, and can reduce roof surface temperatures by 60 to 70 degrees.

Metal Color Chart

Color Chart

Energy Efficiency of Metal

Energy efficiency not only keeps your house cooler, but it keeps your utility bills down. A cool roof can make one of the biggest impacts to your energy use while providing you with a roof that can last 50 years or more. Metal roofing materials have become more popular in recent years because of their …

Everlast and Energy Star

Kauffman Roofing is proud to offer Everlast Roofing materials which fully comply with Energy Star ratings. Everlast Roofing, Inc. Energy Star’s® tax information can be downloaded with the links below:   Certification Letter IRS Form 5695   If you would like more information please visit the Energy Star link or click the logo below.

Metal Roof Tax Credits

“Metal roofs with appropriate pigmented coatings” and “asphalt roofs with appropriate cooling granules” that also meet ENERGY STAR requirements are eligible. Roof coatings are NOT eligible for the tax credit. The roofs that are eligible are “reflective roofs.” Reflective roofs are not for everyone. They will provide the most benefit in hot sunny climates where …

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